How to communicate data security inside your company.

Ransomware series part6_cover

Ransomware: How to protect your company against attacks

Ransomware is one of the most potent threats to modern business, targeting large and small organisations. To conclude our series exploring the various techniques used by cybercriminals to drop ransomware on corporate networks, this blog will look at what organisations can do to ensure they can mitigate the risk.

Ransomware series part5_cover

Ransomware: A game of cat and mouse

In previous blogs, we focused on how cybercriminals utilise vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), email and supply chains to drop ransomware onto an organisation’s systems. Although these are popular methods, they are by no means the only techniques used by those with malicious intent.

Ransomware series part2_cover

Ransomware: The many dangers of Remote Desktop Protocol

In the first part of this series, we gave a basic overview of ransomware and how it works. Now, we are delving deeper into the specific ways in which ransomware operators infiltrate your systems, starting with Remote Desktop Protocol.

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5 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Small and medium businesses are increasingly adopting more mobile solutions in response to the hybrid model of work and online tools that employees use daily. But to keep companies’ data secure, more needs to be done to protect smartphones and laptops from opening the way for cyberattacks. With mobile device management (MDM), IT experts can manage all devices regardless of which type of operating system they have.

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How to plan a secure hybrid workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the working habits of people all over the world, as well as the way we perceive the workplace. Experts agree that the future of work is hybrid, combining teleworking and standard office work. The new model may bring new security challenges for IT admins. How can organisations create a hybrid workplace which is both safe and effective?

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A vector that can be misused by cybercriminals: How to protect your company from the risks related to RDP

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) has become an important tool for managing company networks in an era of hybrid workspaces. However, an unsecured RDP endpoint makes a vector that offers cybercriminals significant benefits when they attempt to attack your systems. What malicious activities might threat actors perform via RDP, and how do you prevent them from doing so?

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Data backups & recovery. How can they save your business?

Why back up data if I’ve never lost any? A question Greg Bak, product development manager at data protection, backup and disaster recovery software vendor Xopero, sometimes gets from businesses. “But the query should be put differently. Business owners should rather ask: If someone takes away my computer right now, would I be able to continue working and guarantee business continuity?” says Bak, explaining that many companies don’t realise how dependent on digital data they actually are. Here are some of the insights he’s shared that might help you recognise the importance of regular data backups.

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None Of Us Think We'll Ever Get Hacked

And that’s exactly why we’re so vulnerable to cyberattacks, says Jake Moore, an ESET Cybersecurity Specialist and a white hat hacker with 14 years of experience in digital forensics and cybercrime investigations. He never lacks the motivation to scrutinise and test how small businesses perceive and handle cybersecurity. In most cases, the answer is: rather poorly.