Seven Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Security Provider

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There are many mobile security apps out there, each offering a different set of features, so when aiming to choose the right one, you first need to decide what your company's priorities are. Find out how key features can help mitigate threats to company mobiles.

Smartphones are a popular target for cybercriminals

In recent research carried out by Statista, nearly half of US respondents (46%) stated that they spend between five and six hours on their smartphone every day. Increasingly, our mobile devices are the technology of choice to browse the internet, access online banking, play games, pay at shops, and store photos, files or sensitive personal information such as passwords. However, with portability of mobile devices comes a higher chance of them being stolen or misplaced, compared to PCs.

All of this means that smartphones are an increasingly popular target for cybercrime. According to the recent ESET Threat Report (T1 2021), for instance, there was an 158.7% increase in Android banking malware in comparison to the end of 2020. However, mobile banking is not the only source of malware. Cyberthreats for mobile devices that can ultimately put your company at risk are manifold: from employees connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, to malware, phishing attacks, social engineering, or simply cracked passwords.

So the attention turns to mobile security; for example, response plans for if an employee’s device gets stolen, keeping the fleet of your corporate smartphones secure and carrying out regular scans on them. Would you appreciate more functionality for your team, such as secure vault for apps, Virtual Private Network (VPN) or performance optimisation? Here are some of the most important functions you should think of when choosing a mobile security provider.

Look for following features in your mobile security app

Again, every mobile device used within a company is a potential gateway for cybersecurity threats. With the right set of protective features, you’ll increase the level of security of individual (mobile) endpoints, which ultimately means higher security for your business network. But as well as choosing the right solution for your company, you also need to educate your team and make sure they follow best cybersecurity practices and have a healthy approach towards their cyber hygiene.

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