How to set up an effective cyber-security strategy

Guide for Small and Midsize Businesses

In most cases, SMBs only have a limited workforce that takes care of digital security strategy, if any at all. Therefore, they must focus on the biggest threats and invest their energy into substantial areas for their business continuity.


How should you ensure your business is protected accordingly without getting overwhelmed by all the possible measures? “Smaller companies should adopt a risk-based approach that includes identifying the most crucial vulnerabilities,” advised Michal Jankech, vice president of the SMB & MSP segment at ESET.

What are the key areas SMBs should focus on, according to Michal Jankech?

  • Data protection and encryption
  • Multilayered endpoint protection and user access restrictions
  • MFA and regular updates
  • High-quality email providers and employee education

PLUS for the mature and thorough: EDR or MDR

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