Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Package (free download)

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Build your digital security from the inside

Maintaining sound cybersecurity does not depend solely on the various software solutions you use or the skills of your IT team. As it is mainly the employees on the front line facing various tests and threats, their ability to identify risks determines your company’s cybersecurity. Educate your employees to enhance the safety of your whole business.

Download our free cybersecurity awareness assets

Interactively educate employees and develop their cybersecurity awareness. As a bonus, you can download a quiz to test your employees knowledge.

  • 20 tips for better cyber hygiene that you can easily distribute among employees
  • A poster so you can share the advice around the office
  • A screen saver for your employees to have easy access to the advice, even when they lock their computer
  • A final quiz that will test the knowledge of your employees and show how cyber-aware they are

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If you are interested in more cyber awareness training, we have one that covers the topics of greatest concern to businesses, such as email protection, web protection, social engineering, threats overview, and password policies. ESET Cybersecurity Training is free and available for you here