The Employee Lifecycle


Onboarding, day-to-day work, and eventually offboarding. Each phase in an employee's journey has its unique IT requirements. Make sure your IT team is well-prepared at every step of the way.


Employee Lifecycle Checklist: For Secure Employee Journey


From the moment a new team member joins, throughout their day-to-day activities, to the point of offboarding, each stage requires meticulous attention from the IT perspective. That is why ESET has prepared a handy checklist, designed to guide IT specialists through the entire employee lifecycle journey.


Our checklist provides a clear roadmap for IT specialists, from complexities of device preparation, cybersecurity education, least privileged access, remote work rules, and much more. By aligning your IT processes with these best practices, you not only enhance the efficiency of your organization but also contribute significantly to its digital security.


And as a bonus, the checklist also contains tips on how to make cybersecurity education entertaining or how to prepare a secure BYOD policy for your company.


Download the Employee Lifecycle Checklist to make sure you’ll never forget any of the key steps of onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between.


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