Outsmarting phishing scams

Playbook for employees

To date, social engineering threats represent a prevalent attack strategy employed by cyber adversaries. In 2022, an overwhelming 74% of data breaches were attributed to human error.


Why are employees the primary target of cyber-criminals? They represent a key element in safeguarding your organization – and yet, they can’t be easily protected by smart technology and innovative security programs. Effectively countering social engineering threats requires an ongoing commitment to monitoring the cybersecurity landscape and systematically educating your employees about the diverse tactics used by cybercriminals.


That’s why ESET has prepared a comprehensive playbook that:

- will introduce your employees to different types of social engineering attacks using illustrative and memorable examples.

- will help your employees recognize social engineering e-mails, texts, or calls.

- will teach your employees to react to social engineering scams and protect your company’s digital security.


Download the playbook to educate your teams and strengthen your company’s security posture.

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