How can MDR help mature your business?

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Is the digital security of your organization sufficient? How can a highly specialized MDR team become the rapid-response unit of your digital security, ensuring trustworthy relationships with your clients? And how do you pick the best MDR service?

The advantages of an MDR team

The number of digital threats that public entities and other companies face keeps growing every year. Not to mention that new types of threats are emerging constantly – such as disinformation or deepfakes, which are on the rise, especially since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war. As a result, the digital security of your business needs to constantly adapt and evolve. Only by ensuring digital safety for your clients will you be able to develop a trustworthy relationship with them.

For smaller and midsize businesses, it might seem unnecessary to have an extra IT department dedicated only to digital security and working around the clock. However, without 24/7 monitoring, you can never be 100% sure your data is being protected at the given moment. A quick reaction time is always needed when it comes to threats.

Your company's digital protection works like on-premises physical security – with security doors, cameras, and motion sensor alarms. Using those, you can see whether your premises were breached, and you’ll know when and maybe even by whom, but you will only be able to find this out in the morning or if you get notified about a breach. Usually, by that time, the damage would have already been done and the data of your customers would have been stolen.

Hence a more effective solution is needed – a rapid-response unit for your digital protection. Such a team is dedicated to nothing but monitoring your digital security. Should an incident occur, the unit would be dealing with it immediately to prevent any data loss or to mitigate any damage. A specialized managed detection and response (MDR) team is precisely such a rapid-response unit.

The biggest advantage of having an MDR team is that it ensures business continuity, being always ready to stop attackers, be it night or day, even during Christmas when businesses are closed. The MDR team will continuously monitor your systems and optimize the environment to make it more resilient. The team also helps with threat hunting, digital forensics, and immediate incident response.

And you won't have to spare any resources to set it up. Your external MDR team will do it all by themselves – starting with the implementation of its processes and going all the way to the periodic reporting and monthly update meetings with you.

How to pick the best MDR team for your business

Choosing the right MDR service provider might be a challenging decision. However, you should always opt for a well-renowned company that will come equipped with its own software that its people are proficient with. The team should be constantly educated on new threats and trends. Ideally, it should also make use of AI to simplify and automate parts of its processes.

What should you look for in an MDR team?

24/7 protection

  • Your MDR team should be monitoring your systems around the clock, including all holidays and vacations. Only that way can the detection and remedy of incidents be done efficiently.

Global reach

  • Your MDR team should ideally speak the same language as your users so that when an incident occurs, communication can run smoothly.

Threat hunting

  • Your MDR team should not only deal with the threats that occur but also predict which threats might affect you in the future and prepare for those.

Software strength and mastery

  • Your MDR team should have the best and most up-to-date software on their hands, and they should be familiar with it to take advantage of all its features immediately.

Independent work

  • The MDR team should work independently from your own company´s IT team, and not get in the way of their work.

Setup and maintenance

  • Ideally, your MDR team will help you set up the whole system and maintain it regularly.

Regular updates

  • Your MDR team should provide you regular updates on threats your systems were facing, how those were dealt with, and what will be done to prevent them in the future.

Experience and reputation

  • Good MDR consists of people with a range of experience across various cybersecurity areas. If they come from a well-established company, even better. 

If you are still unsure which provider would be the best for you, have a look at the MDR services that ESET offers. You will get a highly skilled MDR team working with ESET Inspect, a sophisticated tool enabling constant, reliable detection and response.